These Kegel exercise balls rated among the best Kegel devices on Amazon are going to help you improve your Kegel routine, so you can finally experience better bladder control and strengthen your pelvic muscles.

What it is: a set of 6 pear-shaped silicone “balls” of different weight.

How it works: Insert the lightest ball in your vagina and contract your pelvic floor to keep it in. There is a set of exercises designed to help you, as you progressively move to heavier balls. Kegels with the extra weight can make the exercises more challenging, and it may make it easier to target the right muscles.

This set of weights is a great choice if you want to use weight to challenge your pelvic floor strength. You can experiment with different sizes and increase resistance as your strength improves. They’re crafted from “body-safe” silicone, free of BPA and phthalates for a safe, clean experience. The company recommends using it for 15 minutes a day. 

The weights are ranging from 50 grams to 130 grams. Bodyotics claims that the heavy one is the heaviest you’ll find on the market.  You start with the weight you can hold for at least two minutes, then work your way up by exercising 15 minutes every day. They require some conscious effort to keep them in place, so make sure you can dedicate time to this activity.

Bodyotics weights
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Overall, this product has mostly positive reviews on Amazon.

“Firstly they are a joy to use, I tried this because it has the heaviest weight and I prefer the shape of these compared to the round ones which I’ve found painful in the past. I appreciated the workout guide which has been helpful in getting started. Everything feels very professional and I can’t get over the quality of this product.”

Some users note that 15 minutes per day can be a challenge:

"I’m not sure how I feel about these. It is very boring to do 15 min of exercises with these. When I purchased them, I was under the impression that you could also use these like a jade egg and just hold one hand in while you’re doing your chores for the day, but these just slip out. Maybe this wouldn’t happen for everybody. Maybe it’s just because I have a weak pelvic floor a couple months after giving birth. I’ll see if I can continue motivating myself to use these."

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Bodyotics set
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  • Made from high-quality and medical-grade materials BPA free and Phthalates free
  • Highly durable and easy to keep clean
  • No-tech option, no need for smartphone or internet connexion
  • Budget-friendly
  • Helps identify Kegel muscles on your own
  • 6 kegel weights allowing you to increase resistance over time
  • Possibility of different training positions, with some practice you'll be able to move while exercising
  • Packaged in a box and includes a bag for storage


  • Requires daily use for best results, recommended 15 minutes a day is an important time investment
  • You need to focus on your exercises, so these 15 minutes should be distraction-free
  • May not come with instruction manual (but you can download it online)
  • Using weights might not be appropriate for those with very weak muscles or those getting started with Kegel training
  • Does not include a variety of exercise types, the exercises programs ("Phases") are built for different levels to help you adapt the difficulty over time, but there is no specific program or advice on how to treat particular symptoms (ex. urge incontinence vs. stress incontinence, prolapse, etc). Overall, the e-book could contain more exercise ideas.
  • There is no app, so no feedback or automatic reminders to keep you on track

Product video from Bodyotics:

Conclusion: These Kegel exercise balls are considered some of the most simple and effective models on the market, improving your overall pelvic floor strength and bladder control in just a few weeks. They are on the budget-friendly side, which also means you’ll not benefit from more technologically advanced features other devices may offer. They also require a good amount of motivation to ensure you dedicate some time to your training every day.

You can find more information about the product on Bodyotics website.

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