Sexual Benefits of Kegels for Women

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Willa Trenton, Gynecologist


August 21, 2023

Understanding the Sexual Power of Kegels

Beneath the surface of common knowledge lies the profound impact of Kegel exercises, particularly regarding female sexuality. While many are familiar with Kegels as a tool for pelvic health, their transformative influence on a woman's sexual well-being often remains uncharted territory. This article endeavors to illuminate the profound intersection of Kegel exercises and female sexual health. Journey with us as we unravel the intimate power of Kegels and their potential to redefine a woman's sensual experience.

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Kegels for Women: A Revolution in Female Intimacy

Kegel exercises have become synonymous with the improved health of the pelvic floor. However, beyond their well-documented health benefits, the influence of these exercises on sexual well-being, particularly in women, is paramount. Understanding the sexual benefits of Kegel exercises for women provides a natural solution to many intimacy challenges faced by countless individuals.

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The Intimate Link: Kegel Exercises and Sexual Health

One cannot emphasize enough how significant a strong pelvic floor is to a woman's sexual health. With proper strength and tone, the Kegel exercises for sexual health promise an array of benefits:

  • Enhancing orgasms with Kegels: A firm and toned pelvic floor can lead to more intense orgasms.
  • Improved arousal through pelvic exercises: Strengthened muscles can heighten arousal during intimate moments.
  • Addressing female sexual dysfunction with Kegels: These exercises can provide relief to women experiencing sexual dysfunction, enhancing their intimate experiences.
  • Kegels' role in boosting libido: A strengthened pelvic region can naturally boost a woman's libido, improving overall sexual satisfaction.

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The Magic Behind Kegels: Biofeedback Probes

The introduction of biofeedback probes, such as those by Perifit, has revolutionized the practice of Kegel exercises. These devices allow for real-time feedback, ensuring exercises are performed correctly, maximizing benefits, and minimizing potential harm.

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Enhancing the Kegel Routine

While traditional Kegel exercises offer tremendous benefits, integrating devices like biofeedback probes can optimize the workout. This synergy allows for:

  • Revitalizing sexual sensations with Kegels: Ensuring every exercise is done correctly amplifies the benefits.
  • Unlocking heightened sexual sensations: With the right tools and exercises, the ceiling of pleasure is elevated.

For women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy, Kegel exercises can be invaluable. Understand their significance in our dedicated article: Kegel Exercises for Pregnancy.

Addressing Wider Health Concerns with Kegels

Beyond sexual health, Kegels offer a solution to urinary incontinence, a challenge many women face. Our article, A comprehensive guide to understanding urinary incontinence: causes, types, and treatment options, provides an in-depth look.

Strengthening the Pelvic Powerhouse

The pelvic floor muscles are central to sexual pleasure and orgasmic response. Their strength can define the intensity and pleasure of the intimate experience.


Natural solutions to female intimacy challenges lie in the powerful practice of Kegel exercises. By investing time in strengthening the pelvic floor, women can unlock a realm of enhanced pleasure and improved sexual health. Always ensure you're informed and guided by trusted sources, such as our mother article Kegels Unveiled: How-to, Benefits & Cautions, to embark on this transformative journey safely.

Remember, whether it's about revitalizing sensations or boosting libido, Kegels hold the key to a world of intimate possibilities.


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