Perifit is the best-rated choice of Amazon among “smart” biofeedback devices. It is a medical device which monitors how well and how hard you are squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, provides feedback on whether you are squeezing the correct muscles, and makes the workout seamless thanks to fun games. Perifit is used to prevent or reduce disorders such as incontinence, prolapse or bladder weakness. It is also having a positive impact on sexual health by toning the vagina muscles.

What is it: A vaginal probe which should be connected to a smartphone app you’ll need to download for free. Both connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

How it works: Place the probe in the vagina, wirelessly connect to the app, then squeeze and relax pelvic floor muscles following the guidelines from the app. The device will assess your Kegels using biofeedback. The probe has different sensors detecting your contractions, and it sends the measures to your phone, so you can immediately visualize the effect in action.

A game typically lasts 2 or 3 minutes, playing 10 minutes at a time is enough, and the recommended frequency is between 2 and 5 times a week, depending on your needs and condition. Perifit developers claim that in as little as two weeks you should see results that will have you feeling stronger, more confident, and in control. The more you train, the faster you get results. Additionally, there are other activities in the app allowing you to better visualize and understand your pelvic floor.

With Perifit, you can choose what exactly you want to train for and select one of the following programs depending on your symptoms (a little test will guide you towards the most adapted program):

- urge incontinence
- stress incontinence
- mixed incontinence
- sexual well-being
- post-partum
- prolapse
- prevention

Each program has 10 levels and uses specific contraction patterns which have been developed with pelvic floor specialists to help you achieve quick and lasting success. The specificities of each workout are described in the app.

Perifit app screenshots
Perifit app screenshots

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Overall, this product has mostly positive reviews on Amazon.

“I cannot recommend this trainer enough. Before using Perifit, I had no clue whether I was doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly or how weak it was, postpartum. Now, I can assess where I’m at, track my progress & exercise for way longer than if I was simply squeezing every now and then. The concept of playing video games using your pelvic floor as a controller is literally genius. Been using for 2 weeks & already seeing the progress…”

I've been using the Perifit for a month now, only missed one day. The first week no difference, despite a steady improvement in my scores. Second week I thought things had improved. Now I have done a month and no leaks at all over the past few weeks I can confirm that this has definitely worked for me.The price is steep, though definitely worth it as it has fixed the problem and I really didn't want to think about what would happen if it got worse as I'm not ready for a life of Tena Lady, I also imagine that the ongoing cost of such things surpasses the cost of a Perifit.

Perifit brings the gaming experience to the next level when compared to other Kegel exercisers, while making sure you are performing your exercises accurately. The device is able to do so thanks to double sensor  technology, which measures your Kegel quality by tracking both pelvic contractions and abdominal contractions, ensuring that each and every contraction is safe, and effective. Basically, it spares you the guesswork you’d have with traditional Kegel Balls. It has several features which help to learn how to do perfect Kegel contractions, helping you to avoid any mistakes you could do while training on your own.

The Perifit app is suitable for most Android and iPhone devices, and you’ll connect your Perifit via Bluetooth. No need to be tech-savy though, the app is simple to use, and the games are inspired by the most popular mobile games anybody can play, like Flappy Bird. We've been positively surprised to see that the app receives regular updates: new features have been added while we were testing the product, showing that the team is actively improving the product.

The fact that the experience is highly gamified contributes to increase motivation, and many reviewers report that they are really eager to play the games whenever they can.

Perifit app - games
Perifit app - examples of games - screenshots


  • The most complete app with a nice variety of activities: 12 games, Kegel Coach, practice mode and several ways to visualize your pelvic floor contractions
  • 7 different training programs tailored to your needs: stress incontinence, intimate wellbeing, post-natal recovery…
  • Focuses on helping you perform your Kegels correctly and efficiently with several features designed for this purpose
  • The games are fun and have nice graphics and get regular updates. Some games are multiplayer which brings the experience to the next level.
  • 5D analysis diagram (strength, endurance, contraction quality, relaxation, agility) allows you to focus on your own areas to improve. 
  • Differentiation of the superficial & deep pelvic muscles allows a precise tracking of faulty contractions
  • Learning section with educational materials and useful info
  • Community forum in the app, where you can discuss with other users, share your feedback, your questions and get support from others!
  • Made from medical-grade silicone, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Performant customer support team
Perifit- probe features. Source:


  • The device looks similar to a sex toy and has an external wire
  • No case included
  • One size fits all
  • At first, might be hard to know if it is positioned correctly and some users report they had to find a right way to prevent it from sliding out
Product video from Perifit, featuring the app:

Conclusion: Perifit offers a great combination of efficiency and fun, additionally to a very complete app and a reasonable price. It is a good fit if you want to be excited about your Kegel routine with a good quality/price/fun ratio.

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