iTouch Sure is an electrical stimulation unit that basically does Kegels for you, no work required on your part. Electrical stimulation may sound scary, but it has been used for more than forty years to treat incontinence. Originally only found in doctors‘ and physical therapy offices, vaginal e-stim devices are now approved for home use.

What it is: small electronic device with a vaginal probe 

How it works:  A probe is placed in the vagina and delivers a pre-set program that does Kegel exercises for the user.  This product delivers small electrical currents to contract muscles. Rather than asking you to squeeze your muscles around the probe, the device uses electric muscle stimulation to tone your pelvic floor muscles. No work required on your part! 

The company recommends to use iTouch Sure for 20 minutes every day. Like all forms of exercise, it may take some weeks for you to feel a benefit. Once the probe is inserted and the machine is on, you can change the intensity until it feels uncomfortable and then turn it down a notch. The machine then pulses on and off for the duration of the program, and you’ll feel the muscles are getting tense. 

TenseCare iTouch Sure packaging
TenseCare iTouch Sure - what's in the box. Source:

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Overall, this product has mostly positive reviews on Amazon, even if faulty units are often reported.

“I have had 2 of these machines over the last 15 years & would not be without one. I have a prolapse but provided I use this it does not cause me much of a problem. I previously tried the Kegel weights but this works much better for me.”
When I first used it I found that the first few pulses felt as though they were nipping a bit, but I've since worked out that this could be because I needed time for the lubricant to 'melt' a bit to allow the pulse to conduct more easily.


  • Automatically contracts the correct muscles; does the exercises longer and stronger than the user could likely do on her own.  
  • Simple to use
  • You can fine-tune the intensity of the stimulation with 90 steps of intensity (of 0.5 mA per step)
  • It does not require you to be able to perform a Kegel to get the benefit of it
  • 4 pre-set programs to choose from depending on your condition
  • Can also be used with an anal probe for the improvement of symptoms of bladder weakness in men, and of faecal incontinence
  • Comes with a soft case for carrying that’s discreet
  • TenseCare is a trusted brand for electrical stimulation devices
  • Different types of probes available on the website for different needs or replacement


  • It’s an “active” device, so it may feel more invasive than Kegel balls or biofeedback devices and potentially trigger unpleasant sensations or discomfort at use.
  • The design is not the greatest asset - the device has a “medical” look
  • Runs with AA batteries and has wires
  • Cannot be used in water
  • Nickel probe is not suitable for those with a nickel allergy
  • No fun or engaging features, no information on your progress

Do not use this device if you have an implanted electrical device in your body like a pacemaker, since the EMS can interfere with the functioning of your device.

Product video from TenseCare:

Conclusion: this Kegel exerciser is a great option if you are looking for a device that will do all the work and training for you, or if you cannot obtain any muscle response on your own. The potential downside is that it is sends impulses to your muscles, so potentially it can be uncomfortable to use.

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